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Things To Know About Wills And Trusts

Not only can you designate in your will where your property will go after your death, but you can also name your preference(s) for a guardian for your child(ren). A family law judge will likely strongly consider your nomination.

For your will to be valid, it should be signed by two or more competent witnesses in your presence. If you want to be sure that your will is valid, you should work with an experienced estate planning attorney. Turn to The Quitmeier Law Firm to prevent undesirable outcomes.

Do you have a will that was created in another state or before your marriage, your divorce or the birth of your child? We can help you update or replace an outdated will.

For Greater Flexibility, Create One Or More Trusts

A will is a powerful document, but administering a will requires taking it through probate. Many people want to help their family members avoid probate court. A good option is to create one or more trusts, such as the following:

  • A testamentary trust that will not take effect until your will goes through probate.
  • A revocable or living trust that allows you to control your assets until you become incapacitated or die. Your successor trustee can then take over managing assets without probate court.
  • A special needs trust that allows you to designate the use of assets for someone in your family who has a disability and is under age 65, using their own funds. This type of trust preserves eligibility for government assistance.
  • A pet trust to provide for your cherished animal companion if you are incapacitated or after you die.

There Is No Substitute For Personalized Legal Guidance

As you prepare to create or update a will or trust(s), work closely with a knowledgeable, caring estate planning lawyer who will listen carefully to your ideas.

At The Quitmeier Law Firm, we have offered peace of mind to multiple generations in numerous families over the years.

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