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Accidental Injuries And Workers’ Compensation Law

Accidents and injuries can happen to anyone at any time. These situations often result in painful physical injuries as well as emotional injury and stress. It can take a long time until recovery is complete. Ensure that you get the most benefit from your claim by consulting with a qualified attorney.

Legal Assistance And Financial Recovery For Those Who Are Injured

At The Quitmeier Law Firm, we soon consider new clients to be members of our extended family. We are vitally interested in their recoveries and feel privileged to be able to apply our skills to their recovery process. Let’s begin by reviewing some basics about accidental injury law. Consult with one of our attorneys to discuss how these issues may affect your case outcome as you pursue compensation for your injuries and losses.

Torts: The Legal Foundation Of Personal Injury Law

Torts are claims against another for their negligent actions (or in some cases inactions) that cause you damage. Many torts result from automobile accidents. Others occur in slip-and-fall scenarios and in third-party liability claims associated with workplace injuries.

About Accidents And Injuries

When one party’s negligence (deviating from what a reasonable person would do under the circumstances) causes another party damage, that victim is entitled to financial recovery to compensate them for their loss. Typically, insurance companies are involved. No insurance adjuster was ever promoted or given a raise for being fair to claimants. They may seem to be very nice people, but they want you to settle for the smallest amount possible. Attorneys on your side, however, help maximize your monetary recovery.

When an adjuster asks to record an interview with you, we suggest you see an attorney first. They want that recording to be made soon after the accident so they can use your own words at that time against you later.

You should not begin to negotiate with the insurance company until you have reached your maximum state of recovery. However, you must be aware of the statutes of limitation. Once you settle, then you are on your own if problems develop later. Attorneys typically take these cases on a contingency fee (a percentage of your recovery).

About Motor Vehicle Accidents

Unfortunately, even the most cautious driver can’t always anticipate the actions of their fellow motorists. However, if you’ve received serious injuries as the result of a recent auto accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Because insurance companies are in business to make a profit, they typically don’t have the victim’s best interest in mind when offering accident settlements. In fact, it’s not uncommon for companies to push for a quick settlement while you are still assessing the severity of your injuries. A personal injury lawsuit provides a way for you to ensure that you are treated fairly.

In some cases, Missouri residents file personal injury claims to seek reimbursement for medical expenses, property repairs, lost wages or other costs directly related to the accident. It is also possible to ask for compensation for the emotional trauma caused by an accident. Remember that, depending upon your circumstances, the money you receive as the result of your personal injury claim may be subject to state and federal income taxes. See: Missouri Department of Motor Vehicles.

After A Workplace Accident

Workers’ compensation is a statutory remedy for individuals hurt at work. The employee does not have to prove the employer was negligent, and the amount of compensation is governed by state statute.

The Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation administers the programs providing services to all stakeholders, including workers who have been injured on the job or been exposed to occupational diseases arising out of and in the course of employment. The Division makes sure that an injured worker receives benefits that they are entitled to under the Missouri Workers’ Compensation law. The Division’s administrative law judges have the authority to approve settlements or issue awards after a hearing relating to an injured worker’s entitlement to permanent benefits allowed by Missouri law.
For more information, see information shared online by the Missouri Department of Labor.

Learn how laws about workplace injuries apply to your case in a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys.

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