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Bill Quitmeier

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“Bill Quitmeier was our corporate attorney for nearly 30 years. He restored our trust in the legal system through his clear vision and consistent ethical practices. He is genuine, responsive, open and has nothing but honesty and integrity in all matters at all times. He practices quality law and gives sound corporate and real estate advice. His repertoire of legal knowledge ranges from simple matters to extremely complicated issues.”

– Suzanne Ballou, Kansas City, MO

“Bill (Quitmeier) has been my attorney for over 30 years. He tries to resolve disputes economically for the client, but is a great litigator when a resolution is not possible.”

– Mike Heath, Kansas City, MO

“I have known and used Bill (Quitmeier) as our corporate and family attorney for nearly 30 years. Bill is an excellent attorney and is honest, professional, and respectful.”

– Dave Lindsey, Kansas City, MO

Andrew A. Payeur

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He reviewed my situation. Gave me clear advice. He told me the probable outcomes with each situation and how to weigh each factor. Told me what he would do, and gave me a roadmap to proceed. Did not pressure me in any way to sell his services. He was a clear, concise thinker, and was very helpful.

– Josiah

Upon finding myself with an unexpected legal issue, I felt completely unsure of my legal rights, the process, and who to contact. After going through a ton of options, I decided to meet with Andrew initially due to the close proximity his office was to where I live. Andrew gave me a thorough explanation of the process and advised me of my options. Any time I had a question or concern, he was prompt to address it, and was also very prompt and concise when requesting information from the other party involved. He was willing to help me and went above and beyond to answer all of my questions and concerns. I walked away from my legal issue on top and with money in hand from the other party, of which I had never expected to receive. If you are looking for an attorney that knows what he is doing and also cares about his clients, then Andrew is the right person for you. I would highly recommend him to friends and family and know that if I ever have anything else come up, he will be my first call.

– Emily

I am an associate with the Cerner Corporation and have The Hyatt Legal Plan as a benefit. So it was through that plan that I obtained Mr. Payeur’s contact information and was able to get an appointment the very next day. Mr. Payeur was able to communicate with the security company we were in contract with. After our home was burglarized, we found out that despite paying for the security system to monitor our home monthly, it had not been monitored for several months. I had numerous conversations with the security service and could not get out of our contract or any satisfactory resolution. Mr. Payeur was able to resolve this situation by getting their legal team to agree to cancel our contract and reimburse us the amount we had paid for the service we had not received!! If I ever have any future legal needs, I will definitely contact Mr. Payeur for his assistance again.

– Jodi

We went for a consultation at The Quitmeier Law Firm and met with Bill Quitmeier and Andrew for an initial consultation. Andrew was very knowledgeable about real estate law and was assigned our case. I can’t tell you what a difference he made in our situation. Because he knew about right-of-way law, he kept us from losing a retaining wall that supports our property when a permit had been presented to the city for a sewer connection that had to go in front of our property with initial requests to take down our retaining wall with no intention of restoring or replacing it. It’s a long story, but the end result was the sewer had to be installed without compromising our property. Andrew’s presentation to the city kept our property from being destroyed and devalued, and the sewer installation had to be done without damage to our wall or driveway. Best money we have spent on our house since buying it in 2010!! His efforts and results were priceless! We can’t say enough about recommending Andrew to anyone who needs legal advice……

– Randy

Nicky P.E. McNeil

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I feel he helped through any issue I had during this difficult time in my life. Nicky was thorough through most everything. I’m still confused about when QDRO takes effect but overall good attorney.

– April

Was referred to Nick for my real estate lawsuit mess and have been extremely pleased. Great communication skills and I can always receive a call back from Nick himself. Super knowledgeable and updated in new law statutes and has awesome skills in the courtroom. Yes! Hire him you won’t be sorry. Not my first experience with attorneys and I recommend Nick completely! Has done an excellent job with my lawsuit so far!!!

– Liz

Nick helped me with a civil case where I could have filed a breach of contract charge against a former roommate. We reached a settlement agreement and she is making payments to me. If she reneges on the payments, I can file for a breach of contract. He helped me understand how a settlement office typically works and made sure I had sufficient support for my claimed amounts. He returned my calls promptly, answered all of my questions and provided excellent legal service. His fees were reasonable because he utilized his assistants as much as possible.

– Andrea

Nick McNeil is an awesome attorney who is honest and trustworthy! He is truly interested in each and every facet of your case! He does his homework and research to make sure he understands your case and to ensure he gets the outcome his client is looking for! Although our case was limited by the law, Nick used every ounce of opportunity he could to get the result we wanted! Nick is down to earth and truly cares about his client’s outcomes! We highly recommend Nick to anyone looking for a caring, intelligent, and considerate individual that wants to win your case for you!

– Jan and Jerry Bailey