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Understand The Rules When Entering Into A Residential Or Commercial Property Transaction

At The Quitmeier Law Firm, we most often handle residential real estate transactions for our clients. However, we also serve commercial real estate clients. We can help resolve disputes and controversies at any stage of a real estate transaction.

At our law firm, we will treat you like family. We will take the time to get to know about your needs and goals. Then we will design a cost-effective, yet thorough, strategy to help you accomplish what you are hoping to accomplish.

Are you about to buy, sell or lease a house in a city, township or rural area? Or are you seeking to buy, sell or lease a piece of commercial property for your business? Our attorneys can help you avoid legal problems while leading you to a successful conclusion of your desired transaction.

Residential Property Purchases And Sales

No one should buy or sell a house without consulting a real estate attorney. This is usually the biggest investment of your life.

Realtors provide a valuable service in marketing and staging your home or helping you find the home best suited for your lifestyle and budget. However, realtors are prohibited by law from giving legal advice.

A real estate lawyer can help ensure that the house you are going to buy or sell has no title issues, liens or other legal encumbrances that may interfere with a successful buy-sell transaction.

If we represent you as you prepare to buy a home in Missouri or Kansas, we can help you line up inspections, review the title for any defects and accompany you at the closing to help resolve any controversies or obstacles that may arise.

About Your Commercial Property Matter

Commercial property transactions and disputes often involve multiple levels of complexities, including:

  • Zoning and usage permits
  • Conflicts with adjacent property owners
  • A need to review background information about a property’s history
  • Insurance and liability challenges
  • Potential business disruptions due to development plans by the city, county or another government entity

Our real estate attorneys can help you do your due diligence before making the significant investment of buying or leasing a store, restaurant or any commercial property.

If you are already inhabiting a commercial lot and building, we can help you address issues such as eminent domain threats or local redevelopment efforts that may disrupt your business. Is the city planning to tear up the streets surrounding the commercial property in question? You will want to know about this or any possibility of pending activities that could thwart your normal business operations.

Get The Guidance You Are Looking For

The Quitmeier Law Firm is an established, respected real estate law firm. We conduct our legal counsel with integrity, ethics and experience. We hope to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about residential or commercial real estate in Missouri or Kansas.

To schedule a consultation, call 816-340-6738 or send an email inquiry.