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The pros and cons of divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2023 | Divorce And Family Law

Most divorcing couples in Missouri and around the country think carefully before deciding to end their marriages. Thoughts of escaping an unhappy relationship and starting life again free of attachment must be weighed against the financial realities of divorce and the impact it can have on children. When marriages are broken beyond repair or the relationship has become abusive, pursuing a divorce may be the wisest course of action. If matters are not so clearly defined, couples should weigh up the pros and cons of divorce before deciding whether or not to take that step.

The pros and cons of divorce

Spouses who feel trapped in unhappy relationships may pursue a divorce because they want to be free and independent and make their own decisions, but they rarely think about how they will feel when they are living alone. Making the decision to seek a divorce is easier when marriages become toxic and spouses live in fear of verbal or physical abuse, and escaping such a relationship can lead to greatly improved physical and mental health. Young children make contemplating divorce even more difficult. Coparenting arrangements may soften the emotional toll, but a witnessing their families breaking up could still leave children with psychological scars.

Financial considerations

Deciding to end a marriage has financial as well as emotional consequences. Divorcing spouses must have funds available to pay court fees and other legal costs, and those expenses could be significant if property division talks are unproductive and a court battle ensues. Spouses should also think carefully about the kind of lifestyle they could enjoy on only one income, and they should bear in mind that they will pay more in taxes when they file singly.

Weighing up the pros and cons

Considering the all of the advantages and disadvantages provides clarity when difficult decisions have to be made, and weighing up the pros and cons of divorce could help married couples to avoid costly mistakes. Divorced spouses are free to live as they please, but that independence comes at a price. They live on a single income and pay more in taxes, and not all of them are happy living alone.