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How Will I Get Through A Divorce With My Sanity Intact?

At The Quitmeier Law Firm, we customize our divorce counsel. We regularly answer questions such as those below.

My spouse and I agree on how we should divide property and co-parent our children. Can we pursue a do-it-yourself (DIY) divorce?

Without the depth of experience that our family law attorneys have, you are likely to make mistakes. Ultimately, a DIY divorce attempt often creates more problems than it solves.

I am frankly worried that the cost of a divorce will escalate beyond what we can reasonably pay for. How can we keep costs down?

Our attorneys can share with you how clients over the years have kept costs reasonable and make recommendations such as the following:

  • Focus your attention primarily on things you care about the most during negotiations or mediation.
  • Use nonadversarial methods such as mediation or collaborative law methods.
  • Realize that you will need to compromise to keep your divorce manageable.

What are the requirements for getting a divorce in Missouri?

At least one of you should have lived in the state for 90 days before you file for divorce here. The only justification you need for the divorce is to affirm that there has been an irremediable breakdown in your marital relationship. This is “no-fault” divorce.

Who will decide how we divide up our possessions and bank accounts?

Ideally, the two of you will reach an agreement through negotiations or mediation. If you cannot, then a judge may decide. This is almost never in anyone’s best interests.

What legal guidelines can help us figure out how to co-parent our children as divorced individuals?

The state requires you to come up with a parenting plan. You are also required to go through mediation. These steps have helped many divorcing parents face the reality and find solutions to parenting challenges after a separation or divorce.

My spouse and I are planning to care for the children at our homes in a 50-50 time split. So why should I pay child support?

The amount of time that your children spend with each of you may have an impact on your child support order, but child support largely depends on the incomes and expenses of each parent.

How Can I Get More Information About My Missouri Or Kansas Divorce?

We care, and we have the legal knowledge and tools that you need.

To schedule a free consultation with a divorce lawyer at The Quitmeier Law Firm, call 816-340-6738 or send an email inquiry.