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Common behaviors that lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2023 | Divorce And Family Law

Every year, thousands of couples in Missouri are either contemplating a divorce, going through a divorce or recovering from the aftermath. And in some cases, it’s hard to fully understand how a marriage went from fulfilling to fractured.

The signs of a marriage headed toward divorce are noticeable in advance. And it’s better to identify and either work to fix a marriage or make plans for ending it than being blindsided and having to explore family law options with no warning.

Problems with interactions

Two categories of problems frequently lead to divorce proceedings. The first involves issues in the way couples interact with each other.

Frequently, poor communication is the culprit. A couple can lose the ability to effectively communicate so that the other person can empathize with or even understand their partner’s wants and needs. And that communication breakdown can be deadly for a marriage.

Another common issue is growing to see the other spouse as more of an adversary than a partner working toward mutual happiness. Resentment, irritation and even contempt are the kind of emotions you should very rarely be feeling toward your partner.

Problems with engagement

Sometimes, the issue isn’t with the types of interactions but how much a couple engages with each other daily. While there’s nothing wrong with having hobbies or pursuits outside the relationship, it’s not a good sign when one or both partners are preoccupied to the point where they rarely spend quality time with each other.

Similarly, some marriages reach a point where one or both partners seek fulfillment outside the marriage. This can – but doesn’t have to – lead to an affair, but trying to find the connection and fulfillment that should come from marriage often foreshadows divorce.

Identifying some common patterns of behavior leading to divorce can help you head off problems down the road. Keep an eye out for these patterns, as they could signal rocky times ahead.