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A top reason for divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2023 | Divorce And Family Law

A marriage can suffer from excessive strain that ultimately leads to divorce. Understanding why couples file for divorce in Missouri and elsewhere may help those hoping to save their marriage. Others may review the statistics to help them navigate their divorce proceedings. Many people assume that adultery and financial problems are the most common reasons for divorce, but the leading cause may surprise them.

A common reason for divorce

Research shows that 46% of divorced couples blame career choices for their breakup. 43% noted that differences in parenting played a significant role in filing for divorce.

Issues deriving from careers can cause friction in a marriage in several ways. If one partner is frequently away from home due to work obligations, it can negatively impact the marriage. The spouse who remains at home can feel neglected due to not spending an adequate amount of time with their marriage mate. Sometimes, career-related stress leads to arguments in the home, which can hurt the spousal union.

A struggling marriage

Arguments over parenting can lead to a breakup. If one parent is abusive toward a child, the other parent may end the marriage, seek sole custody and request that their former spouse has supervised visitations or no contact at all. Other issues might derive from disagreements over the child’s education or extracurricular activities. In cases where agreement can absolutely not be reached after all efforts have been tried, filing for divorce may be in the child’s best interest.

Regardless of the reasons for divorce, both spouses may find negotiating a settlement less stressful and costly than a trial. Working for an amicable dissolution will be in everyone’s favor.