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Planning your own Missouri funeral

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2023 | Estate Planning

Estate planning in Missouri can include more than just organizing your property and belongings. You can also plan your own funeral when making estate planning decisions. You lay out your wishes regarding your funeral and burial, and your family has one less worry. There are several things you might want to include when drafting your funeral plans.

Your body

There are several options when deciding how to dispose of your body. If you’re not clear about your wishes in your estate planning, your family might disagree about what to do. You can solve this problem by making your wishes known.

You might choose a traditional burial that takes place in a graveyard. However, you might prefer cremation or science body donation. What to do with your body is the first thing to consider when planning your funeral.

The service

It’s common for families to disagree when deciding on a loved one’s funeral service. Choosing the service is something else to include in your planning.

You might want a traditional burial service in a place of religious worship. The location of this service depends on your religious beliefs. A memorial service is another option when you want a service but not one that’s traditional. You could also choose a graveside service that doesn’t require a place of worship.

Additional concerns

In your estate plan, you can also include instructions about what happens during or after your service, should you choose to have one. For example, you might want your friends and family to gather at a repast.

Expenses aren’t always an issue. You might have insurance that covers all your funeral expenses. It’s also possible you put money aside to pay for your funeral. If neither of those things applies, you might want to consider the cost of your funeral in your plans.